On Macros and Technique

First let me say this, if you are expecting a lot of technical information regarding photography, this is not the post for you!

Reminds me of a miniature bridal bouquet.

Reminds me of a miniature bridal bouquet.

So let’s get started.  This image was taken with a 100mm macro lens using a DSLR.  As I age, my camera gets exponentially heavier. This is important when you consider photography subjects that are close to the ground and you have no tripod handy.  Anyone who got a B grade or higher in high school physics can see where I am going with this.

So, as a hobby photographer, I am like a kid in a candy store. I can’t decide what I want to take pictures of, much like a kid flitting from display case to display case. So, In an effort to try to get my aging mind to “focus” (get it?), I am going on expeditions with a single lens. On this particular day, it was the 100mm macro. Why? Well, because I was too lazy to carry my tripod and the macro has a lovely f2.8 which means I can shoot in lower light without having to hold my weeble steady.  (Man i hope that someone gets that reference.)

Back to the picture …. why does Mother Nature insist on making all of her flowers so low to the ground? It’s because she’s twisted, that’s why!   Alright then – the technique part of this post.  The ground is wet and as it is early spring, there’s not a whole lot of grass growing yet.  We are out visiting and I am not really dressed to get down and dirty with muddy knees and hands. So, I approach this gorgeous little bloom of two minds. One is, I must take a picture of this, and two is, how am I going to do it… and retain my dignity. (Aha! Finally we come to the technique pointers.)
I try the standard novice stand up straight and shoot down. Nope.
Hmm. Maybe a slight bend at the waist?  Still too high.
Next is the dreaded crouch position. I hope I don’t split my pants.  I go for it and the seams hold!  Drat! Still too high and I can’t get that cascade portion in the viewfinder.
This calls for the big guns! A major bend at the waist and twist to the side! Remember when I mentioned that the camera gets heavier as I get older? Now, add to that, that I have just come from a full crouch position and I am now bent over double and twisted with weight squarely positioned over one leg and not two….  I am frankly amazed that I was able to get any picture at all let alone welcomed inside for a lovely meal.  Thank goodness I didn’t damage the flower bed – just my pride. And the dirt washes right off.

Do NOT try that technique in public. It is strictly one to try at home.


About Positive Polly

I am a retired Avionics Technician, wife, mother, sister, daughter, and dog owner. I enjoy knitting, baking, photography and photo editing.
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One Response to On Macros and Technique

  1. JW says:

    Weebles wobble, but they don’t fall down…..

    I thought for sure this was going to involve belly crawling….in wet grass. I love the challenge of just one lens. My carry around camera is a Fuji with a fixed 35mm lens. It looks like an old Leica
    rangefinder. It’s small enough to fit in my hand and just a little beast with what it can do.

    I love your blog. It’s a pleasant little peek inside.

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