Photo Exhibition Update

So, the Chaleur Camera Club photo exhibition Grand Opening was last night in Bathurst. There’s a story here.

Negative Ned would be groaning about this time. In his opinion – I ALWAYS have a story. And in my opinion, having stories is a good thing. It keeps life interesting and gives me something to blog about ….


Back to the story. I didn’t go to the Grand Opening.
The End.

And it would be the end too, if Ned had anything to say.
Which he doesn’t. It’s my blog.
I ordered 3 new images and mats. I paid extra to have the mats cut and shipped because I was on a tight schedule. I bought several new exhibition frames too.
Now for the story. I have to admit something here. I really goofed in organizing this show. Admittedly, it’s my FIRST time putting one of these things together. What I did was, I asked someone who lived in Bathurst to scout out free venues to host a show for the club. He came back with 2 possible locations, a library and a gallery. I chose the one that had “Gallery” in the title. Hey! In my defence, wouldn’t you rather have an exhibition at a Gallery?
Anyway, I went ahead and booked the venue and let all the members in the club know we had a 3 week showing at a gallery. OOoooo.
So for 6 months, I sat on this information and not once did I get off my backside and actually go to SEE the venue for myself. Shame on me.
My second really big mistake was not asking the right questions of the host.
FYI, a really important thing to know when planning a photo exhibition is, “How many photos can we fit in your gallery?”
That’s right.
In addition to not scouting, I assumed that a Gallery would be a larger space and that we would be able to fit 50 images with no sweat.

Can you picture my embarrassment, when two days before the Grand Opening, I finally get photo titles and sale pricing from everyone and submit the details to the Gallery management. They send back telling me that they can’t host them all. It was at that point that I called and asked just how many photos we COULD show. Suddenly, we were all limited to 2 photos each. The Gallery is a 12×12 room with 2 walls of display space and 2 walls of window.

Thank goodness the Club members are so understanding. We had a lot of people show up the day before the exhibit to put up the display and then most showed for the Grand Opening too.
Except for me.
Turns out, I physically couldn’t go. All that organizing and trying to get boxes of frames moved etc etc was too much for my back and once again, I am a twisted mess.
There was no way I was going to be able to stand around at all, let alone socialize.

However, there are several plus sides to all this. The Gallery people were/are really, really nice and they were super happy to have us there. They contacted the media and prepared crudites and refreshment for the social aspect of the grand opening. They made a lovely speech thanking us for choosing them. Also on the plus side is that I made every mistake that could be made and learned from them all. The Exhibition went ahead regardless. Hopefully, the participating members will get good feedback from the exhibition and perhaps make a sale or two.

As for my extra photos and mats? Well, I have another 2 week exhibition planned for May. This one will be for fun with some friends who also love photography and we’ll be planning it together. We’re going to submit about 5 images each. I have about 10 images printed now and I’m going to get more. I really love the way they look on metallic paper.


About Positive Polly

I am a retired Avionics Technician, wife, mother, sister, daughter, and dog owner. I enjoy knitting, baking, photography and photo editing.
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4 Responses to Photo Exhibition Update

  1. Linda hartong says:

    Live and learn-that would be what a positive Polly would do. But those learning experiences can sure tie us up in knots. Give yourself a big pat on the back for trying.

  2. Jane Anastasia says:

    Oh Polly….after dreaming of it for 6 months, planning, and going to bed at night thinking about it…so sorry you could not attend.
    It does sound like it was a good time for all though (except you of course).
    Hoping that you are fine for your May exhibit! Best Jane & Boucle.

    P.S. Your choice of photos, all beautiful. And the umbrella one – Love it!!

  3. I too am so sorry you couldnt go. I would be jumping off my barn for certain.
    Stunning photos. Love them. Oh how I want to learn the editing like this.
    Love them all.

  4. eyegillian says:

    Oh this is a marvelous story — I’m glad it’s not Ned telling it — and I’m so glad everything turned out, despite the unexpected restrictions. That little word ‘assume’ is small but mighty, isn’t it… I’ve been tripped up more than once by that one!
    What a shame about your back; it must be so frustrating! I do hope you get a chance to see the exhibit before it closes…

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