The Party and the Storm

The Chaleur Echoes

Sunday evening was a blast! I went to the first Christmas party of the season with the ladies of the Chaleur Echoes. We laughed, we sang, we ate, we drank took part in liquid refreshments, we exchanged gifts. The best part is the singing. I can’t sing worth a hill of beans by myself, but I think I do ok when it comes to harmonizing. At least, they haven’t asked me to leave yet … maybe if I sing very softly they won’t notice.

Well, after posting about the lack of Christmas decor in my home, I decided that I should go shopping for Christmas Gifts at least. The postal service gets swamped at this time of year delivering those “last minute” parcels. I’m very close to being guilty of adding to their burden and I would hate to cause anyone anymore stress than they already have. Purse in hand I headed out the door. And promptly got bowled over with the wind and the rain! Oh my goodness! It was really bad, but at the time I wasn’t aware that it was going to get worse. (gulp) So, I girded my loins, (see definition #3) and braved the elements. I drove 20 minutes in sheets of rain and water logged roads, all the while being careful not to hydroplane on the horrendous rut laden highway 11. By the way, if anyone should be driving to Campbellton from Dalhousie along Hwy 11, there is a particularly BAD section near the Dundee exit. That’s an accident waiting to happen in inclement weather. So, I arrived at the Mall to discover that it wasn’t going to open for another 35 minutes. Ack! What’s a girl to do? Look for another shopping venue obviously. Off I went to Canadian Tire where I happily wandered for 3/4’s of an hour, made my purchases for Negative Ned and once again braved the elements. By now, the sky was dark enough that I had to check my watch. I mean I know I took my time but it didn’t feel like I was in there all day. Hmm – well too stormy to do anything else, so let’s try the mall again. I wandered the stores aimlessly at first. I knew I had lost my focus though when I found myself fondling the most delicious knit cape and picturing where I could show it off. The saleslady snapped m back to reality when she asked if I would like to try it on. I blinked my eyes several times like a turtle coming out after a deep sleep and ruefully chuckled. “What does it mean,” I asked her and the other customers in general, “when one is supposed to be shopping for their husbands and yet they find themselves in a ladies boutique that hasn’t a single item for a man?” Everyone had a good laugh and we briefly compared notes on gift progress for our respective partners before I got myself back on the right track again.

No. I didn’t buy the knit cape …. darn it.

The rest of the shopping passed uneventfully and I was able to locate several gift items. It was while making my final purchase that I first got word of the weather conditions. Remember the post is partially about the Storm. I know – I sidetracked you with talk of shopping and “delicious knits”. Focus people.
It seems that the water levels were extremely high and that the police had to close off several streets because they were impassable. Oh my! Really! And I was without my camera darn it! I decided to swing down and see it first hand so I could kick myself even harder about not carrying the camera. It was bad! I have never seen the water levels that high that they were over the boardwalk and soon would be over the road. (Fortunately I passed the area before they closed it.) I took the shore road back to Dalhousie and HAD to go to the Inch Aaron and see the lighthouse and rocks. WOW! Ok – so I didn’t have my camera but others did. I have to share this amazing video with you. Before I leave you the link – I have to say, once I was safely back at home, I didn’t venture back out. I was tempted – but states of emergency had been declared and homes had washed away – I just stayed home out of the way counting my blessings and saying a prayer for others. Today was calm and a time to assess the damage and do clean up.

Check out the video:


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I am a retired Avionics Technician, wife, mother, sister, daughter, and dog owner. I enjoy knitting, baking, photography and photo editing.
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2 Responses to The Party and the Storm

  1. Wendy says:

    Very interesting use of “gird your loins” – but I guess that’s what you have to do to brave the elements! Maybe you could put that delicious knit on your list — you certainly wouldn’t have to confess to Negative Ned that you saw it whilst shopping for him.

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