The Week in Review

Seeing as how this is a new blog I thought I would start a theme for myself (I’m always starting something – maybe my New Years resolution will be to actually finish something). That theme being “a review of the weeks activites and accomplishments.” Seems a good way to measure if I’m on A track, let alone the RIGHT one.

The week starts on Sunday – (no this is not going to be a long, boring, list type post– long maybe, and boring perhaps, but NOT a list) – last Sunday there was snow on the ground. Not a whole lot of it granted, but still something. You would think that living here on the East Coast of Canada and being this far north, we would have snow. But nooooooooo – climate change. (I firmly believe that we are in a time of epic changes, but that’s a whole other post again.) I went out and took pictures of the wharf in town. I know it’s a very overcast time of the year (Thank goodness for Christmas decorations and lights), however, the light with the sun so low in the sky and the natural beauty all around, makes for photo opportunities at every corner.

until next year

Negative Ned and I took a road trip to Moncton New Brunswick early in the week to get some Christmas shopping done. As an added bonus, we visited with my handsome brother and his lovely lady. They graciously let us stay in their home for a couple of days. We went out to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1. No I’m not going to post any spoilers here. It was very well done and the first of the movies to stay as true to the books events as possible. I am SO looking forward to the final chapter! I know that for Christmas next year there will be a complete collection of Harry Potter Blu Ray dvd’s under my tree.

Hmm, what else transpired this week – we got new stairs to the basement. Our house is just over a year old and it has been a challenge to say the least – there were times when Positive Polly was NOT so Positive. 🙂 We won’t dwell on my evil twin. Pretend I didn’t even mention her. So, the stairs. Right. They were construction grade really – almost a ladder and so NOT built to code. The end result is that we have a beautiful set of stairs now made from Maple and the railing is wrought iron. Absolutely gorgeous. My job is to finish them. I have the stain on them and as soon as I finish this post, I’m off to apply the first coat of varnish. I’ll be posting a photo of them here once I’m done. (I know! You can hardly wait. lol)

I started this blog. That’s another good thing I did this week. All is moving forward. And now I hope you’ll take a moment or two and review your own week. Even if it was a bad week filled with trials and tribulations, there was likely 1 positive event that transpired – something that you didn’t even notice at the time because you were emotionally compromised. But taking a few quiet moments to look back, you will see a person who extended their hand to you, who said a few kind words or who quietly helped in the background with generous actions. There are angels amoung us – we must learn to see them and to appreciate them.

A hint of possibility


About Positive Polly

I am a retired Avionics Technician, wife, mother, sister, daughter, and dog owner. I enjoy knitting, baking, photography and photo editing.
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2 Responses to The Week in Review

  1. chriscaff says:

    Your shot of the boat is great. i really like it. As for snow, it’s here, in England, where we are in the grip of snow and ice earlier and deeper than I can remember and have had almost record breaking low temperatures for cold. so I can’t say we’re having the effects of global warming at the moment!
    I share your interest in photography and photo editing, but prefer patchwork to knitting, which gets me in knots so I gave it up. carry on being positive!

    • Thanks Chris! Wishing we had your snow but thankful we aren’t experiencing those arctic temperatures. brrrrrr I’ll be thinking of you while knitting a nice warm scarf. Now, I must go google “patchworking”

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