Who the Heck is Polly?

That’s a really good question.
My husband and I were on an impromptu road trip recently and, as is our custom, we talk about the weirdest things. Why? Mostly to pass the time but also because there is no chance of anyone overhearing our conversation. For instance, one such conversation was, “When does a hill become a mountain?” We discussed that one for over an hour and even called my sister long distance because she was studying Geology at University at the time. Anyway, I digress. This time around, we were discussing how very different we are from each other. I’ll say yellow, he’ll say green (I just figured he was colour blind for the longest time!) I’ll say half full, he’ll say half empty. After throwing observations back and forth, he called me Positive Polly. I called him Negative Ned. We had a great laugh and the names stuck. We’re seriously considering getting the names changed officially. (j/k…. maybe)

Welcome to my world. It’s a crazy place and there are days when I am Polly in Wonderland. Other days it’s so mundane that I’m probably the only person who is happy with the pace of events.. or lack of events. I learned many years ago to be careful what I wish for. That’s another story for another day. I hope that you will join with me daily, where I will share with you, ( whether you want me to or not), the things and people who make up my world. I’ll talk about my hobbies: knitting; photography; and baking. I’ll regale you with stories of the people in my life. I’ll share with you my hopes and dreams for this wonderful place I call home.


About Positive Polly

I am a retired Avionics Technician, wife, mother, sister, daughter, and dog owner. I enjoy knitting, baking, photography and photo editing.
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2 Responses to Who the Heck is Polly?

  1. eyegillian says:

    What an interesting blog, Monica, I’m glad to read some of the stories behind your wonderful photographs. I love this story of the beginnings of Positive Polly and Negative Ned — sounds like it would make a great children’s story. Congratulations on your positive postings!

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